SEC Whittier Blvd & Sorensen Ave
Whittier, CA



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Constructing a Vision

Whittier is about connection. A connection to the past, to culture, to community and to place. By embracing Whittier’s unique cultural diversity and eclectic spirit, we seek to create a place where people come together, time and again to be connected, engaged and call their own. Rooted in heritage, influenced by culture, and designed for the people, Whitter strives to preserve what makes the community great, while advancing it into the future.

Preserving the Past

Whittier’s strong sense of history and tradition has been a guiding light and foundation for the community. Therefore, this project seeks to find new and innovative ways through architecture, signage, and landscape to communicate and share its rich heritage with future generations. Whether its Whittier’s agrarian roots, creative past, or constant strive for knowledge and education, This project respects, embodies, and seeks to preserve what has made the community what it is today.

The Heart of a Community

Centrally located, this project is at the heart of the community for which it serves. The energy and optimism about the future is contagious. With numerous parks, multiple residential opportunities and new retail, dining, and entertainment options, this will be an epicenter of activity and growth within the community.

Through unique architectural treatments, specialty graphics, and placemaking elements, we seek to create lasting moments and impactful experiences that connect guests and residents to a place they can call their own.