Palm Ave & 9th St
Imperial Beach, CA



Fully Leased


  • 100% Leased!
  • Neighborhood center in the heart of Imperial Beach
  • Strong traffic count on HWY SR-75 (Palm Avenue), the main arterial of Imperial Beach
  • New Navy Base Coronado Coastal Campus coming soon
  • Convenient location will service Imperial Beach residents in a previously hard to reach market
  • Close proximity to affluent Coronado Island via the Silver Strand
  • Great national and local restaurants to Imperial Beach

About the Upcoming Navy Base Coronado Coastal Campus:

  • A total of 1,459,000 square feet of Coastal Campus Facilities for Administration, Operational Units, Logistics and Community Support and Training
  • No food service, commissary and only a government vehicle fueling station
  • An increase in on-site personnel from 117 (existing) to 3,236 at build-out (i.e., daily population)
  • An increase in average daily trips (ADT) for SR-75/Palm Avenue of 8,090 at build-out (approximately 4,000 additional trips within Imperial Beach along Palm Avenue/SR-75 between 10th Street and Florida)
  • The North Entry Gate to the Coastal Campus is approximately 1.6 miles from the new Breakwater Town Center
  • A new signalized/controlled base main gate off SR-75 about one mile north of our City boundary

This information regarding the New Navy Coastal Campus was provided by the City of Imperial Beach. Any further questions, please contact Greg Wade, Assistant City Manager at (619) 628-1354.